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Wasurenaide (Don't Forget)

A/N:I wrote this i think a few days before Christmas..^^"I was feeling a little YunJae-ish so it just came to mind.Voila it's actually my first OFFICIAL entry.constructive criticism is welcome:) No beta on this one.Enjoy~ (i know it gets pretty confusing)Now,i'm thinking about TVXQ's situation and i really wanna believe in OT5...

 I was sitting on my bed, just thinking about you.
My one Jung Yunho.
We’re living in separate homes and I can’t see you as much as I did before.
I miss you…and, I think that feeling is enough.

I was thinking about the time when we first met, and I fell in love with you.
The time when we got to know each other better.
The times when we fought and made up afterwards…
And the memory of you telling me you love me.
I still remember them all perfectly as if they were just yesterday.

There’s a letter on my nightstand, it came from none other than yourself…
It was something you gave to me before we left, a reminder that you’re always gonna be with me.
It read:
Dear BooJae,

I just wanted you to have this so you won’t forget that I’m just going to be here for you… Changmin and I will wait for you guys. I know none of us wanted this to happen but I respect the decision you guys made. Just don’t lose US Jae, don’t let this lawsuit thing get in the way of our love. Our family. I love you Kim Jaejoong, don’t give up on us. And Always Keep The Faith~

Your Yunho
Your tear stains were evident at the bottom of the paper, smearing your name just a little bit. Soon, my own tears were falling and I feel like I can’t breathe anymore.
But even so, I’ll follow what you said and won’t give up…Just so you and I will be happy together again someday.

I don’t know when I dozed off but I did and you filled my mind again.
In my dreams I was the wind around you…
You were crying by yourself in your room and I started to wrap myself around you for comfort.
Then my dream changed, we were hand-in-hand together in front of a huge open gate.
Through the gate, all I saw was peace and I felt that we could be safe there even just for a while.
I felt tears running down my cheeks again and-I realized that I wanted to see you so much, I miss you.
I’ll be waiting for you Yunnie… please don’t forget me.

I got up and walked out the door of our apartment. I needed to go to a place-a place I considered as a somewhat sanctuary. I drove to the Han River where we would spend some nights just basking in the beautiful scenery of the city and the slow flow of the water. I started walking at our usual path and I could feel your presence, like you were just beside me.
I closed my eyes and silently prayed that this feeling would never disappear.

We were on a variety show and the MC made fun of you but you just kept on laughing and smiling along with him, never showing that you got hurt.
I’ll remember how strong you are and I’ll keep shouting out to the world my admiration towards you, even if the words I use aren’t ordinary.

Again, the same dreams from before appear before me and I felt contentment~

The nights when we were together and you were still by my side, holding me…
I can still smell your familiar fragrance in the air wherever I go, and that alone is enough to break me.
I can sense feelings building up inside me again,
And so that they won’t end, I’ll try to hold your hand tighter in my mind.
That way I know that we won’t be separated.

“Naega yagsog, Yunho… Neol gidaligoiss-eulgeoya… Nal ij-ji ma.”

“I promise, Yunho… I’ll wait for you… Don’t forget me.”

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 I want DBSK back as one!!!>.<...I really miss them...it's really frustrating being just on the sidelines and not being able to do anything...DX...*sigh*...Always Keep The Faith~


 I finally got the inspiration to write!!!XD...yesh!!!

T'is 'nother day

Today seems like it's going slow...nothing much to do!>.<...anyone got tips on how to write a story??im a total noob at it!



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